American Zombie

After the conflict at the medical center

… Some time passed

Curt is trying to reach the people at the medical center. He’s at the high school where they held the ammunition and cows. The ammunitions room had blown up. Curt had just finished cherry-picking some hulk zombies from the football field with the cows.

Curt heads back to the medical center to get the cherry picker truck to save some people. He arrives and the sun is setting. Jace and David found a doctor from the FEMA trucks. David and Jace decided that we need to get the civilians to the ‘green’ zone. Michael Bay Pork Chop Sandwiches GTFO. Casey is MIA and left with his broad (Peggy). Josh is at the school. We pack some people in the hummers, we have two and into the cherry picker. The plan is drop them off in the safe-zone at the base camp. On the radio in the hummers we hear, “The safe zone is not safe, again the safe zone is not safe.”

(Out of game we can see the DM has multiple floor plans…)

We pull up to the schoon on the north side. Some of the cows are in the parking lot. We notice a gaping whole on the school. Glass is broken, windows and ledges off the flaming building are occupied by people. There’s some dead in the parking lot.

We unloaded the trucks after David and Curt yell at people. I move the cherry picker with amazing accuracy. David directs the civilians to the football stands and soothes them by advocating the calm ones to keep others calm. David then notices one of the cows is walking erratically, it does two circles and has what looked like a seizure. In the mean time, Jace has unloaded one group and goes to bring the bucket back up but it jams.. Smokes billowing out of these windows. Curts character suggesting I turn the truck off and back on again. It takes twenty minutes. We can see the fire. A man is covered soot from the farther window says theres another man.

Curt and I decide we aren’t going to safe a man in the flaming room.

Meanwhile everyone watches this cow that goes doesn’t. Jace and the other survivors head over to the football field. Jace found out that that commander set up a explosive that is going level the town. Josh is still missing in the school. Jace is honking his horn to try to get people out of the school. He loads up 6 guys and starts driving out. Curt is going into the school. He told those in the hummer to go and find another vehicle and send the able body back. David was working to find other working vehicles. David is yelling at people to drive. David got a minivan and small car. 8 more are saved. Odd thing, the minivan had a small kid in it. The child is waiting for his dad to come back from the school. Curt makes his way into the school he gets into the school, he gets to the second floor and finds commander Tuttle. He says to get out. Curt estimates he has 10-30 minutes to get out before it blows. It will take 15 minutes to clear the town if were reckless. He finds out that Josh and the four others went to the third floor. David gets in a Lamonz and zips over to the Medical center to find Casey….

Jace is going out of town and convinces one of the passengers to take a vehicle (truck) to get some other passengers out of the school. He also noticed the crop plane come in to land at the airport. He tells the others that this is the best chance to get out of here and we should stop an check it out.

Jace gets to the plane and an engine is on fire he assist the only person on it to put it out. I use the truck to move a fuel truck out of the way. I run back and get in the plane curt and david don’t dare. They are leary of anything that was on fire. So the four of my passengers, me and the pilot get in and out off the ground. It’s rough but we get up and the trucks blow up.

Meanwhile Curt is riding in a full size chevy 2500 on the road out of town they encounter some zombies. David is following Curt’s car.

Jace is in the plane with some of the people from the minivan ~ 12 passengers, pilot and me.

Flight to Arizona


  1. Josh’s family is going form Minneapolis to Arizona for his sister’s wedding.
  2. Casey Adams is flying to Arizona for ?
  3. Jason is flying to Arizona home to his family and work.

It’s an early morning flight from the Minneapolis international airport to Phoenix on a Boeing 767. Before the flight the characters over hear conversations about Denver airport closing and rioting in St Louis. The flight starts out smooth with the captain anouncing to the passengers that they are expecting rough weather midway through the flight, they will keep the passengers updated. Casey Adams and Jason are sitting near eachother hit it off by talking about tricking out a work truck and Josh’s family takes up an entire row 3 rows back.

A disturbance in the back of the plane has the flight attendants rushing back. Jason heads to the bathroom at the front of the plane. The plan dips, the flight attendant looks suspicious with her back to the cockpit door and the drink cart blocking the hallway. Casey Adams checks it out. He approaches the flight attendant with his hands out, “Is there anything wrong, can I do anything to help?” Just then a side door opens up and a pilot steps out. Hearing this he says “Can you fix electronics, we have a problem.” Casey Adams knocks on the restroom door “I don’t know electronics but the guy sitting next to me does”, “Jason, we need you. Now!”

The pilot shows us the way, down a small hatch right at the front of the plane. As soon as he gets to the bottom of the ladder he’s attacked by someone who appears to be plagued. Jason and Casey jump down and pull the man off of the pilot but the man is very strong and breaks free and rushes the pilot again, he unload’s his 10mm into him but he doesn’t stop. Hearing the shots Josh rushes to the front of the plane and climbs down the ladder. Seeing what looks like 2 men attacking the pilot he grabs Casey and throws him back. Casey yells at Josh telling him to stop and when he does Casey picks up the pilot’s dropped pistol, puts it to the plagued man’s head and pulls the trigger.

The pilot is brought up, some people are trying to save him including Josh’s father and brother. He has bite wounds and a gunshot wound to the chest, it doesn’t look good. The captain of the plane comes out of the cockpit “What the fuck is going on!” He tells the passengers helping the wounded pilot that there is an AED back in the plane and heads down to the lower level to help fix the damaged electronics of the plane. “You have to get this control panel up and running or this plane will crash within 10 minutes” he points to a smoking panel and Casey and Jason dive in.

Josh’s brother looks up and says, “I talked to a paramedic in the airport, he can help the pilot. I think he was sitting in the back of the plane.” He gets up and heads to the back of the plane to find him. Josh continues to help his father and Peggy, the flight attendant save the hurt pilot. Several minutes pass and Josh’s brother doesn’t return, Josh is getting concerned. He heads back to find him.

Jason and Casey Adams work on the electrical. They make some headway.

Josh goes to the back of the plane to get help for the hurt pilot. It’s brawl. His brother is fighting with some sick looking guys. They both break free and try to make it back to the front with the plagued assailants on their heels. When they get closer to the front Josh’s father yells for him to grab the AED, it’s an emergency! Josh tries to get it and gets jumped by the sick guy, they fight and Josh finally pins him down after taking a head butt to the face. Josh’s father is able to get the AED and tells Josh to hang tight. Josh can hear his brother call out for help then there is a bang and the air gets sucked out of the cabin as the door gets blown out with Josh’s brother and the sick man. “Nooooo!”

Casey and Jason are able to repair the critical panel to keep the plane from crashing. Jason stays below trying to fix more damage while Casey goes back up. Casey Adams still has the pilot’s pistol. When he gets up he sees Josh struggling with the man, he runs back to help and says, “We don’t have time for this.” Took the hurt pilot’s pistol out and blew the crazed mans brains out.

The air is getting sucked out of the plane, people take their seats and don the oxygen masks. Casey and Josh run to the back of the plane to help people and find a sick looking woman about to attack a couple sitting in their seats. Casey takes a shot at her, ripping a hole in her shoulder but she doesn’t stop. It takes Josh and Casey several minutes to take her down and it’s not pretty. They are able to sit and put on the oxygen masks before passing out and then wait for the plane to reach the ground.

A day in Monument

Josh wakes up and sees a fleeting image of his niece… Curt wakes up to a ding from Josh leaving the building. Curt runs after Josh. Jace wakes up to the ding from Curt running after Josh and grabs one of his two cheap wine bottles and bolts after Curt and Josh.

It’s early morning.

Josh is chasing her niece to a pole barn where the vehicles are. He is not at a full sprint. Curt tells him to ‘Go get her!’ Josh gets to her as she enters the pole barn, but she sneaks away. Curt and Jace still running after em. Josh can’t see her, he starts calling “Chase where are you? It’s not safe to play here.” Curt and Jace get there. Josh checkes the vehicles in here. Jace opens the large pole barn door. Curt seems to be sitting on his ass. Curt and Jace hear an audible scream the diner. Jace takes a swig of his booze and drops his bottle, Curt books back to the diner. Jace drops his bottle and is running back as well.

Curt sees some people getting up, he can tell the disturbance is coming from the back. Curt’s “flying” through the door. Jace is hot on his tale. Curt say’s stay down and stay calm. We both get around to the back. Next to the griddle is Josh’s dad. Josh is holding his sick wife. He’s covered in blood. He’s been bit. He’s yelling “She’s okay, she’s okay, she’s just sick.” James Christianson and Mike Brevare are in there. James has a shotgun pointed at her. You can cut the tension with a clever. Josh’s mom has blood all over his face. Josh’s dad is just trying to hold her. Curt says Mom’s gotta go. Curt tells Jace to take Bobby out of here.

Jace tell’s Bobby (Josh’s brother) that his daughter (Chase) is missing in a pole barn. She ran out this morning.

At the same time, Curt is trying to tell Josh’s dad that she’s a lost cause. The vaccine didn’t work. Curt can see his Josh’s dad’s been bitten. He tell’s his dad, you’ve been bitten you got to go.

Peggy, and everyone else is arguing with Curt that he can be saved. He took the vaccine.

Curt pulls out his gun like a boss. *BOOM He shoots. He shoots her in the face.* There’s a splash on the grill behind Josh’s dad and his late mother. Josh’s dad lets go. Her half head is bleeding. She starts getting up. Curt continues to fire two more shots. She’s down for the count. Josh’s dad is sobbing.
“Difficult times call for difficult decisions. If I’m the ass for it, so be it.” Curt says. Jesse and David leap forward and said that he didn’t have to do that. Curtis takes two humanity points.

Jace and Bobby hear shots in the background both knowing that she couldn’t be saved.

As Jace and Bobby reach the pole barn, Chase runs out to her dad.

Shortly after. Josh gets to the kitchen, the body is covered up. John is making some coffee, some of the women are crying.

Curt says, ‘Someone had to make a a difficult decision, we can bury her.’

Josh sees how his dad’s doing. Jace is able to stop the bleeding. He’s messed up. Bite marks are all over his face. Josh’s dad lost conscienceless.

Jace says to Bobby and Josh, “If there’s things you want to say to your father, I’d say it now.” Josh and Bobby hang out with his father. Curt tells Kasey to watch “dad”.

Jace and the pilots go to the pole barn and start digging a double wide grave.

It’s only 7 am the grave is dug, it’s getting hot. Josh and Bobby get’s his dad in the grave. Josh’s dad is stabilized. Josh leaves his father’s fate in Curt’s hands. Josh says something about she lived a good life and got to see her grand kids. He’s sorry it ended this way. Bobby says something like what Josh said. “She finally got that trip to Kansas she always wanted.”

We are not too far from the pole barn. We hear something. It’s the radio. Suzan from the town worked at the local phone company. She thinks she can use the radio in a new fashion. (Josh receives a fate point for running after his niece.) mumbled chatter on the radio Off in the distance (in the direction of the county road) we hears some diesel trucks we believe are near.

Josh is sent to the diner to tell the people to lay low.

Curt runs to the radio to hear the chatter. Everyone at the grave gets in pole barn. Jace closes the pole barn.

Josh get’s down in the diner. He can tell the trucks are coming down the street. Curt hears on the radio. It’s the black water group, they are looking for someone. Suzie doesn’t think it’s the black water group. Curt doesn’t think she’s right. Josh looks out the window, he sees two army trucks pull up that are labeled with ‘FEMA’ on the back. Josh waits tight out of sight. They pull up to the gas station. It appears to be fema people. They look like the people at the tent place. Josh slowly opens the door and walks out with his not in a ready position. He startles a few of the people. One of the guys get out of the truck and asks Josh what the situation is in this town. Josh gives him some info, trys to find some info out. They are heading to Colby from Arizona. Josh tells them they do not want to go that way. The city between here and there were wiped out. “Colby is lost.”

Josh sends someone to the shed to tell them it’s okay.

Curt finds Jesse Goodard (a paramedic/emergency specialist) in charge. Josh’s dad is … still alive. He’s not doing too good. Curt ask’s Jesse to help Josh’s dad. The move ‘dad’ on one of the tables. In Arizona there was outbreaks, some traffic jams, a huge pile up there. They barely got through that. The last two days it’s been slow going. They have been alone. They are hearing crazy shit on the radio like cannibals, stuff that doesn’t make sense.

Curt gives them more information. About Black water, about Denver (it’s lost), about being shot at. Curt needs to find a military installations so he can report in. they want to head out with us.

Jimmy, Huey ride in the back of a Fema truck with “dad”.

Trucks are gassed up. Curt gets back in the Hum-vee. Curt and Suzie hear on the radio “We have FEMA trucks in Monument.” Someone responds, “We are not far out we are on our way.”

It comes up, that there’s global tracking on the FEMA trucks.. but not enough time to disable the devices. The Hum-vee is the lead vehicle followed by two fema trucks, and a little blue pickup.
Hum-vee – Curt, Jace, Suzie, Kasey (driver)
*Fema Truck #1 – ‘Dad’, Jimmy-Huey, Tony, Jesse (fema), 4 random fema people.
*Fema Truck #2 – 5 random fema people.
*Steak Truck – David, Other survivors (our survivors)
*Pickup truck – Josh, Bobby, Chase, *Random nephew

“The wheels on the truck go round and round, round and round…”

Coming up to Baker, KS. We can hear gunfire (small arms fire)
As we come up the town we can hear automatic weapons firing. Curt has Kasey turn into town, south.

Bobby pops in a Steak truck with his kids leaving Josh in the pickup truck. David(back) and Jesse(side) (fema) pop in the pick up.

Kasey drives north on the main road followed by the pickup.
We see a hum-vee, pull up next to it, Kasey sees a black water bastard. Jace starts unloading on this house and it blows up!

Two guys staying low fist pump, and are coming towards us, They are good people.

The new military guys had trouble getting to Fort Riley. They came under fire from the black water bastards.

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