American Zombie

Flight to Arizona


  1. Josh’s family is going form Minneapolis to Arizona for his sister’s wedding.
  2. Casey Adams is flying to Arizona for ?
  3. Jason is flying to Arizona home to his family and work.

It’s an early morning flight from the Minneapolis international airport to Phoenix on a Boeing 767. Before the flight the characters over hear conversations about Denver airport closing and rioting in St Louis. The flight starts out smooth with the captain anouncing to the passengers that they are expecting rough weather midway through the flight, they will keep the passengers updated. Casey Adams and Jason are sitting near eachother hit it off by talking about tricking out a work truck and Josh’s family takes up an entire row 3 rows back.

A disturbance in the back of the plane has the flight attendants rushing back. Jason heads to the bathroom at the front of the plane. The plan dips, the flight attendant looks suspicious with her back to the cockpit door and the drink cart blocking the hallway. Casey Adams checks it out. He approaches the flight attendant with his hands out, “Is there anything wrong, can I do anything to help?” Just then a side door opens up and a pilot steps out. Hearing this he says “Can you fix electronics, we have a problem.” Casey Adams knocks on the restroom door “I don’t know electronics but the guy sitting next to me does”, “Jason, we need you. Now!”

The pilot shows us the way, down a small hatch right at the front of the plane. As soon as he gets to the bottom of the ladder he’s attacked by someone who appears to be plagued. Jason and Casey jump down and pull the man off of the pilot but the man is very strong and breaks free and rushes the pilot again, he unload’s his 10mm into him but he doesn’t stop. Hearing the shots Josh rushes to the front of the plane and climbs down the ladder. Seeing what looks like 2 men attacking the pilot he grabs Casey and throws him back. Casey yells at Josh telling him to stop and when he does Casey picks up the pilot’s dropped pistol, puts it to the plagued man’s head and pulls the trigger.

The pilot is brought up, some people are trying to save him including Josh’s father and brother. He has bite wounds and a gunshot wound to the chest, it doesn’t look good. The captain of the plane comes out of the cockpit “What the fuck is going on!” He tells the passengers helping the wounded pilot that there is an AED back in the plane and heads down to the lower level to help fix the damaged electronics of the plane. “You have to get this control panel up and running or this plane will crash within 10 minutes” he points to a smoking panel and Casey and Jason dive in.

Josh’s brother looks up and says, “I talked to a paramedic in the airport, he can help the pilot. I think he was sitting in the back of the plane.” He gets up and heads to the back of the plane to find him. Josh continues to help his father and Peggy, the flight attendant save the hurt pilot. Several minutes pass and Josh’s brother doesn’t return, Josh is getting concerned. He heads back to find him.

Jason and Casey Adams work on the electrical. They make some headway.

Josh goes to the back of the plane to get help for the hurt pilot. It’s brawl. His brother is fighting with some sick looking guys. They both break free and try to make it back to the front with the plagued assailants on their heels. When they get closer to the front Josh’s father yells for him to grab the AED, it’s an emergency! Josh tries to get it and gets jumped by the sick guy, they fight and Josh finally pins him down after taking a head butt to the face. Josh’s father is able to get the AED and tells Josh to hang tight. Josh can hear his brother call out for help then there is a bang and the air gets sucked out of the cabin as the door gets blown out with Josh’s brother and the sick man. “Nooooo!”

Casey and Jason are able to repair the critical panel to keep the plane from crashing. Jason stays below trying to fix more damage while Casey goes back up. Casey Adams still has the pilot’s pistol. When he gets up he sees Josh struggling with the man, he runs back to help and says, “We don’t have time for this.” Took the hurt pilot’s pistol out and blew the crazed mans brains out.

The air is getting sucked out of the plane, people take their seats and don the oxygen masks. Casey and Josh run to the back of the plane to help people and find a sick looking woman about to attack a couple sitting in their seats. Casey takes a shot at her, ripping a hole in her shoulder but she doesn’t stop. It takes Josh and Casey several minutes to take her down and it’s not pretty. They are able to sit and put on the oxygen masks before passing out and then wait for the plane to reach the ground.


Monster Monster

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