American Zombie

After the conflict at the medical center

… Some time passed

Curt is trying to reach the people at the medical center. He’s at the high school where they held the ammunition and cows. The ammunitions room had blown up. Curt had just finished cherry-picking some hulk zombies from the football field with the cows.

Curt heads back to the medical center to get the cherry picker truck to save some people. He arrives and the sun is setting. Jace and David found a doctor from the FEMA trucks. David and Jace decided that we need to get the civilians to the ‘green’ zone. Michael Bay Pork Chop Sandwiches GTFO. Casey is MIA and left with his broad (Peggy). Josh is at the school. We pack some people in the hummers, we have two and into the cherry picker. The plan is drop them off in the safe-zone at the base camp. On the radio in the hummers we hear, “The safe zone is not safe, again the safe zone is not safe.”

(Out of game we can see the DM has multiple floor plans…)

We pull up to the schoon on the north side. Some of the cows are in the parking lot. We notice a gaping whole on the school. Glass is broken, windows and ledges off the flaming building are occupied by people. There’s some dead in the parking lot.

We unloaded the trucks after David and Curt yell at people. I move the cherry picker with amazing accuracy. David directs the civilians to the football stands and soothes them by advocating the calm ones to keep others calm. David then notices one of the cows is walking erratically, it does two circles and has what looked like a seizure. In the mean time, Jace has unloaded one group and goes to bring the bucket back up but it jams.. Smokes billowing out of these windows. Curts character suggesting I turn the truck off and back on again. It takes twenty minutes. We can see the fire. A man is covered soot from the farther window says theres another man.

Curt and I decide we aren’t going to safe a man in the flaming room.

Meanwhile everyone watches this cow that goes doesn’t. Jace and the other survivors head over to the football field. Jace found out that that commander set up a explosive that is going level the town. Josh is still missing in the school. Jace is honking his horn to try to get people out of the school. He loads up 6 guys and starts driving out. Curt is going into the school. He told those in the hummer to go and find another vehicle and send the able body back. David was working to find other working vehicles. David is yelling at people to drive. David got a minivan and small car. 8 more are saved. Odd thing, the minivan had a small kid in it. The child is waiting for his dad to come back from the school. Curt makes his way into the school he gets into the school, he gets to the second floor and finds commander Tuttle. He says to get out. Curt estimates he has 10-30 minutes to get out before it blows. It will take 15 minutes to clear the town if were reckless. He finds out that Josh and the four others went to the third floor. David gets in a Lamonz and zips over to the Medical center to find Casey….

Jace is going out of town and convinces one of the passengers to take a vehicle (truck) to get some other passengers out of the school. He also noticed the crop plane come in to land at the airport. He tells the others that this is the best chance to get out of here and we should stop an check it out.

Jace gets to the plane and an engine is on fire he assist the only person on it to put it out. I use the truck to move a fuel truck out of the way. I run back and get in the plane curt and david don’t dare. They are leary of anything that was on fire. So the four of my passengers, me and the pilot get in and out off the ground. It’s rough but we get up and the trucks blow up.

Meanwhile Curt is riding in a full size chevy 2500 on the road out of town they encounter some zombies. David is following Curt’s car.

Jace is in the plane with some of the people from the minivan ~ 12 passengers, pilot and me.


Monster jacebenson

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